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Coach Dick Hartzell

This is Coach at 80 yrs old, still stretchen!!!

Lets Get You Started!!

 We suggest for your lower body workout & foundation of your routine, The Revolutionary Dick Hartzell Jump Stretch Base!

Then your gonna need some Resistance Bands & The Original Jump Stretch Bands are the only band we suggest for strength and durability!! 

In the folowing pages you be able to join our resistance band community that consists of athletes From all over the world!

As well as order your Base, Bands, Training & Certification!!
Along With One On One Coaching With The Founding Father Of Resistance Band Training Coach Dick Hartzell!!!!

The Original Jumpstretch Bands

To Order Bands Directly Call Coach Hartzell At 330-531-2788

The Original Jump Stretch Bands Are Strong & Durable,
 they will last all the way through your transformation from Beginner athlete to gladiator!!

They are color coded for quick & easy determination of wich band to use for witch workout!!!

"Be Sure They are Coach Dick Hartzell's Bands
 You Are Buying 

There Are many Who Claim To Be Jump Stretch
 Bands And 
We Only Stand Behind The Original Jump 
Stretch Bands"

The Coach Dick Hartzell Jump Stretch Base

The Dick Hartzell jump Stretch Base will strengthen your core while increasing your Over all strength, speed & vertical jump!!

The Jump Stretch Base Is The Game Changer You Have Been Looking For!!
For Best results With The Base You Will Need A Full Set Of Bands!!

A full set of bands for the base is ideal & consist of 12 bands. That's 2 bands of each strength of resistance for what ever level you are currently at.
As your strength increases so does the strength of your resistant band. The Dick Hartzell Jum Stretch Base will replace most lower body excersize machines!!!
What The Original Jump Stretch  Is All About:
Secret #1: How To Increase Strength & Speed With Bands
Execute the same strength building routine proven to deliver increase in the following categories: strength, speed, vertical jump & the 40 yard dash
Secret #2: How To Prevent Future Injuries With Bands
By targeting high potential injury areas like knees, ankles, & groin using Coach Hartzell's methods injury prevention is an automatic result of his training
Secret #3: How To Get Certified To Train Others Using Bands
In order to give clients maximum results that transform lives. You must first know how to properly do each individual muscle targeted exercise

Now It's Time To Up Your Game!!

" Video Training "

30 Strength & SpeedTraining
Knee pain Reduction
Ankle Injury Prevention
Flexibility Training
What People Are Saying:
Jump Stretch Playbook
It all started in 1980 when I had an epiphany that its safer for the athletes training to use a rubber product when doing squat explosions.....
Next, I patented The Jump Stretch and was traveling around the country showing Pro, College and High School team coaches my new product that could change strength training as we knew it The Jump Stretch.....and It BLEW UP!!!
They loved it and now teams all over the world use my methods!

 So come and join the Elite here at The Original Jump Stretch and learn how Coach Dick Hartzell's New methods 
Everyone knows that Jump Stretch Bands increase leg strength tremendously. Everyone
understands the concept that foot quickness and lateral movement are greatly
enhanced with the use of the Original Jump Stretch Bands what many don't realize is how much self image
and self-concept contribute to success in competition. When our young
people use Coach Hartzell's Bands they feel good about themselves. They know that they are
going to have the lower body strength, quickness, and agility to compete with
anyone in the country. 

- Coach Jim Tressel
Thank you very much for bringing the Jump Stretch for demonstration
use in qrr office. We appreciated very much for taking time to
demonstrate the many useful exercises which can be performed on the
Jump Stretch. I have had a Jump Stretch at home for about six weeks
and have enjoyed using it a great deal.
0ver the years I have used many different pieces of exercise
equiptment. The Jump Stretch is by far the finest, safest and most
complete and practical portable gym that I have ever used. The versatiIity
of the Jump Stretch is unexcelled. I can recommend it for men
and women of all age groups and children of appropriate age groups.
Thank for for devising such a unique and useful exercise and
strengthening system.
- Richard M. Freeman M.D.
We have used Juup Stretch for the conditioning of our baseball
players for three years, and are extremely pleased with the
results. The Ieg work with JS has dramatically reduced ankle and
leg inJuries. In fact, ln 1982-83, we had not one ankle/leg injury,
and we attribute that to the JS workout. The JS workout
designed for us by Dick Hartzell totally exhausted our players,
and, according to the players, provided the best conditioning program
they had ever experienced. We are sold on Jump Stretch for
baseball conditioning. 

Bob Startcher- 
You've trained with other coaches in the past that use the trditional methods & that's
 why your results were typical.

To become a champion you must train like a champion & be willing to do what the others 
are not willing to do.

 Just ask Coach Jim Tressel who said " The Year We Won The Championships,
 Jump Strecth Was The Reason For The Season" & he knows how to mold champions.

The Original Jump Stretch Is Under Construction!!!

Sorry for the inconvenience  but at this time if you need bands or bases call Coach Hartzell at 330-531-2788
       Or Email At: support@thejumpstretch.com
This site will be up and running soon!!!!

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